Wildstar Information & Gameplay

Wildstar is an upcoming science fiction MMORPG which integrates genre foundations with brand new and refreshing gamemechanics. Wildstars developers appeal to both the fantasy and science fiction audience of gamers by integrating magic and technology into the gameplay and lore of Wildstar. With a tentative release date of 2013, this website will continually cover the development process, news, and leaked content regarding Wildstars beta and official press releases from the developers themselves. After the closed beta period has passed and the open beta period for Wildstar begins, players around the world can jump in on the action and provide useful feedback and metrics to the developers to greatly improve the game before launch. If you were lucky enough to be invited to Wildstars closed beta, we urge you to help the developers make this the next big thing by submitting as much information as you can. Since Wildstar was announced, the game has become wildly popular with MMORPG fans who are just tired of the same old thing: WoW clones.


A in-game screenshot from the Wildstar beta.

Wildstar Story and Gameplay

The majority of the game’s setting takes place on Planet Nexus, a wild and uncharted world ripe for exploration and challenge. Adventurers from multiple factions and races will map the Nexus and unmask the hidden secrets of the land through engaging PvE and PvP content. Wildstar promises incredibly unique features, such as the implantation of player housing and player settlements at the game’s launch. The game features a host of different races and classes available to players, along with paths specifically tailored to their desired style of gameplay. We will cover all of Wildstars concepts in detail and more throughout this entire site.

Info & Press Releases

With a flurry of both official and unofficial leaks in the face of the closed beta, it’s kind of confusing finding out which end is up when it comes to Wildstar. A lot of inaccurate information has been dumped into the information sphere, but worry not! We’ll decipher what’s legitimate news and what isn’t. We’re just as excited about Wildstar as you are, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to pump out fake news about game features that don’t actually exist in order to get your hopes up! Trust me; this happens a lot with a ton of different games in their beta stages, not just Wildstar. Hearken back to the days of elementary school when you and your friends were sitting around the table, and then one of them claims to know Nintendo’s lead developer along with details about the next unannounced Super Mario game! We know how it feels to be disappointed when an over-talkative friend just can’t keep his mouth shut about his bluffs, so our site will only deliver the most accurate information possible.

Whether you’re planning on playing a soldier or an explorer, this Wildstar fansite is a great source of information. We hope that you stick us in your bookmarks and continue to browse as we reveal more leaks and official news regarding Wildstar open and closed beta. This is going to be one hell of a ride!